Centre for Modern Languages and Literature

Broadening Horizons, Transforming Lives

Research Areas and Disciplines

English for Specific Purposes
  1. EAP (English for Academic Purposes)
  2. EBP (English for Business Purposes) 
  3. ESAP English for Specific Academic Purposes) 
  4. EGAP (English for General Academic Purposes) 
  5. EOP (English for Occupational Purposes)
  6. EPP (English for Professional Purposes) 
  7. EST (English for Science and Technology) 
  8. EVP (English for Vocational Purposes) 
  9. EWP (English for/in the Workplace) Content 
  10. Language Acquisition Versus General Language Acquisition fic Purposes

Creative English/ Literary Studies

  1. Malaysian-Singaporean Literature in English
  2. 20th Century British/American Drama
  3. Postcolonial Literatures
  4. Sci-fi and Fantasy Literature
  5. Creative Writing
  6. Contemporary /Modern Literature

Curriculum Design and Implementation
Needs Analysis
Curriculum Design
Assessment and Evaluation

Language and Identify

  1. Cross-cultural communication 
  2. Language and gender 
  3. Youth culture, language and identity

Classroom Communication
  1. Classroom Questioning Techniques
  2. Classroom Interaction
  3. Communication in Occupational Settings
  4. Culture and Communication
  5. Interpersonal, small group and organizational communication    

Pedagogy and Materials Development

  1. The role of the educator/teacher in e-learning Development of e-learning materials
  2. Cooperative Learning Task-based language learning Problem-based learning
  3. Development of CALL Sessions and Materials