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Mad or Spiritual? The search for inner awareness and personal integration in margaret Atwood's "Surfacing".

Foong Soon Seng

UniSza & Prince of Sonkhla Universty ISSN 96708991

Developing Critical Thinking through Critical Reading in the Literature Classroom

 Profesor Ratnawati Mohd Asraf, Assoc. Prof. Dr Ainon Jariah Muhammad & Dr Nadya Supian

American Scientific Publishers

Exploring the Concept of "Spirituality" in Coelho's Brida: The Search for Inner Awareness and Personal Integration

Foong Soon Seng

SARE: Southeast Asian Review of English

Revisiting the Past": The Wound and the Voice in Ramli Ibrahim's In the Name of Love.Proceedings of East West-Ruptures & Convergences: An International Conference

Foong Soon Seng

University of Malaya

*Acting out and working through in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's "Half of a Yellow Sun", in Pertanika JSSH-Lit 2014

Paul Gnanaselvam

Pertanika JSSH-Lit 2014

English  language lecturers' readiness to accept the usage of mobile learning technology in private university colleges  in East Malaysia.

Thinusha a/p Selvaraj, Jayarajoo Santhanam , Aishvarya Nair Chandrasekran

Berjaya Journal Volume 4

Influence of  SMS in the daily conversation of students in higher institutions in the Multicultural Malaysian Society. Berjaya Journal of Services and Management, Vol 2, p 81-94.ISSN :2289-568x. KDN:pp 17969/03/2013(033390).

Thinusha a/p Selvaraj

Berjaya Journal

The Human Image and the Interrelationship of the Orcs, Elves and Men. Mallorn: The Journal of the Tolkien Society. Issue 55, Winter 2014 (December). The Tolkien Society, United Kingdom. ISSN0306-6674

David Tneh Cheng Eng

The Tolkien Society

Rainy Day Memories, Orchard Rains (Poems) Eastlit: Journal of English Literature From East And South East Asia. July 2014, Thailand.Online Periodical/Magazine.

David Tneh Cheng Eng

Thailand Online Periodical

From 1984 to Birch: The Politics of Cultural and Traditional Arts/Games in The Plays of Kee Thuan Chye (In Press). Southeast Asian Review of English, May 2016, Department of English, FASS, Univesrsity of Malaya. Print ISSN:0127-046X

David Tneh Cheng Eng

 SARE: Southeast Asian Review of English (Journal)

Marvell and the Quality of Wit

David Tneh Cheng Eng

Agathos: An International Review of Humanity and Social Sciences, 8.1 (May 2017).

Building National Identity through the Secondary School Literature Component in Malaysia

Raphael Thoo Yi Xian, Foong Soon Seng, Khor Zyeh Lyn & Pong Kok Shiong

Journal of Creative Practices in Language Learning and Teaching (CPLT) Volume 5, Number 2, 2017

The Multiple Roles of Heaney's Landscapes: A Mirror of Life and Its Dilemma

David Tneh Cheng Eng

International Journal of Humanity Studies, Vo1. (No 2) (ISSN: 2597-4718). March 2018

[Poem] White Christmas

Paul Gnanaselvam

Post Colonial Text

[Poem] Openness

Paul Gnanaselvam

SARE: Southeast Asian Review of English

Perceived teachers' self-disclosure, gender and writing performance of Malaysian ESL undergraduates.

Paul Gnanaselvam & Napisah Kepol

PERTANIKA: Journal of Social Science and Humanities, 26 (4), 2195-2210.

Communicative Readiness and Motivation among UNHCR Refugee Teachers of English in Malaysia

Christina Ong Sook Beng, Chai Jian Mei, Tan Chee Seng, Tan Swee Mee

EDUCATUM-Journal of Social Science (EJOSS), 4, 1-19

The Choice of Suffix Variants for Participial Adjective in Corpus of Malaysian e-Newspapers

Chai Jian Mei & Christina Ong Sook Beng

PERTANIKA: Journal of Social Science and Humanities, 26 (4), 2333-2346.

Colinialist Narrative in a Postcolonial Era Travel Writing, Into the Heart of Borneo

Gheeta Chandran & Dr. Ravichandran Vengadasamy

Gema Online@Journal of Language Studies

Behind the Veil: Freedom of Choices in 'Dor' and 'Parched'

Norhaniza Md Ismail, Dr Swagata Sinha Roy and Dr Gerard Sagaya Raj

international Journal of Academic Researchin Business and Social Sciences

"Madness in its Place": Ecofeminism in Janet Frame’s Faces in the Water

Foong Soon Seng

SARE: Southeast Asian Review of English