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Events  2018-2019 Gallery

PhD Writing: Good and Bad Literature Review

19th August 2019
Prof. Supyan Hussin (ATMA-UKM)

Significance of Statistics Skills in High Impact Research

3rd July 2019
Dr Vahid Nimechsalem (FBMK-UPM)

Writing for ISI and Scopus-Indexed Journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences

4th April 2018
Prof. Zuraidah Mohd Don (UM)

Multidisciplinary Research for the Humanities in the Digital Age: Trends and Challenges

26th February 2019
Prof. Zuraidah Mohd Don (UM)

Let's Speak English lah...not Manglish

29th March 2019
Dr. Roy Swagata 
External Talk for the Early Childhood Programme